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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

High Traffic Classifieds

American Classifieds

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There are so many good online advertising sites in the world wide web if you know how and what and where to find in the search engines.

Some popular and known, paid methods to advertise your business is via advertising channels such as pay per click (that appears in targeted search in the search engines) and social network sites. This kind of advertising is for your ads to appear prominently in search results.

Some other sites for you to advertise your business are via high traffic classifieds. You can choose either free or paid options. Both have its distinct advantages. Look out for only top 10 or 20 ranking advertising sites. Because you would waste your advertising efforts if these websites are not popular, not top ranking, etc. No one will ever see you and your sites listed there so have little value in terms of back linking. Advertise your business at most established largest or biggest classifieds. Free classifieds directory or community classifieds are good places to advertise due to its organized category, seo distinct optimized pages for every ads and search engine spider pick up your website link in fastest time (within few days) and give back linking value and ultimately traffic. All in all, remember that advertising requires clear objectives, strategy, planning, time, consistent effort and investment too. Learn to diversify your advertising in both paid and free ones.

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